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Answers To Prayer

At January 9, 2019 meeting, Pasqua shared that her daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter from Boston were visiting her.  The day before their scheduled departure, the granddaughter became very ill.  The next morning, she still had great pain in her abdomen, was nauseous,  had a hard time moving, etc.  The flight home seemed impossible.  Pasqua prayed for her and still she was in pain.  Pasqua continued to pray and ask Jesus to heal her.  Suddenly, the granddaughter jumped up in great joy and said that there was no more pain.  She was healed completely and the family was able to go home to Boston on the scheduled flight.  Pasqua witnessed to her family that Jesus is alive!

At December 5 prayer meeting, Richard thanked God publicly for results of a test.  A few years back, he had two lymph nodes removed and he was given a not too good diagnosis and then  a couple of years ago, they said there’s one that we have to watch.  Then a year ago, they said we better watch it every three months because it’s growing.  He had an ultrasound in the last week.  They said, “I don’t know what’s happened.  It totally disappeared.”

Dec 5 – “One of my favorite sayings in the bible is Matthew 7, vs 7 – Ask and ye shall receive.  I’m sure when I meet Jesus, he’ll say, “Boy, Donna, you took me up on that.”  I retired at the end of August.  In September, I started praying, “Lord, I’d like to plan a vacation for next year.  What should I do?  And could you give me someone to travel with?”  …… The answer to her prayer is that she was given the information that a Nathaniel group from the St. Boniface diocese going to the Holy Land in April and they had a couple of extra spots.  She is going with 43 people and the person she is sharing a room with is someone who is also involved in the Charismatic Renewal.

Dec 5 – A lady left her purse in a shopping cart outside of Walmart, drove to Bulk Barn and realized she didn’t have her purse.  She usually asks for St. Anthony’s intercession, but this time she went to the top.  She said, “Lord Jesus, this was so stupid of me.  Please help me find my purse.  But if I don’t find it, at least make me learn the lesson you want me to learn from this.”  She went back to Walmart, went to the desk and asked if a brown purse had been turned in.  “No,” and then the fellow called somebody else, and then the phone rang and he was distracted.  Then a young boy walked in carrying her purse.

Anne asked for prayers that she would do well in an exam.  She got 100%.

Valerie had asked us to pray for her father who had toxins in his kidneys.  The test results coming in now are good.  Thank you, Lord!  She asked that we continue praying for her family.

Leann shared that answers to prayer have been that her daughter and family move back to Winnipeg from Montreal and that they be able to sell their home there and purchase another one here.

Maria K. shared that her prayers for her family have been answered.

Richard shared on an answer to prayer request that we exchange weekly.  Report of 2 EKGs showed the possibility of a past heart attack.  Richard not aware of that. EKG sent to heart specialist who said no need to see him.  There was no heart attack.

At July 11th prayer meeting, There was a prophetic word “John 10:10:  I came that they might have life and have it to the full,” and there was a word of knowledge that someone is looking for a job.  The Lord will answer as that person wants.  That Wednesday morning, Arya had gone for an interview for a job.  She felt this word was for her and she praised God.  She, also, prayed the Word of God in Romans 9:16, “It does not, therefore, depend on human desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.”  In addition, her prayer request in the basket that evening was that she get the job if it be God’s will.  The interview panel told her that they would inform her in a week.  A week went by, without hearing anything so she went for personal prayer at the end of the meeting.  And by the grace of God, today, (Wednesday, July 25) she got the phone call offering the job position she was looking for.

The market for selling homes in Calgary is flooded.  However, with prayer, Anne’s home was sold.  Thank you Lord.

After viewing 4 sessions on “How to Pray for People”, we had a practice session with two people praying for Margaret who had a back pain on and off since being in a car accident many years ago. During prayer she experienced heat and her pain was gone.  We saw her the next morning and asked about her back pain and she said it was gone and she felt terrific.  Thank you Lord.

Jonathon has a job.  Thank you Lord.